Resident Services

Resident Services

Our resident services online is expanding to provide more efficient ways to serve our tenants.  If you have questions with any services we provide, please contact your property’s leasing office.  If you have a maintenance related request, please use the procedure below to help us better serve you.

Maintenance Requests

For non-emergency maintenance requests, click the Maintenance Request button to complete the Maintenance Request form.  Requests submitted through this online form are reviewed only during normal work hours.  Please do not use the Maintenance Request form for emergency situations. NOTE: You must be an authorized resident to complete this form.

If you are reporting an emergency situation, contact your property’s emergency number 24 hours a day. After business hours, an operator will answer and contact our emergency on-call team.

Examples of Emergency situations:

(Emergencies are defined as situations posing a life safety/health hazard or causing major property damage)

  • Fire, flood and/or uncontrollable water, electrical problem, smell of gas, etc.
  • Emergencies causing immediate danger, such as fire CALL 911!
  • Emergencies involving IMMEDIATE electrical or gas danger (gas odors)
  • Backed up plumbing, flooding, sewage flowing into the home, broken water pipes, etc.
Examples of Maintenance Requests (Non-Emergency Situations):
  • Broken or poor air-conditioning or heating, unless heat failure at temperatures below 45 degrees, A/C failure at temperatures above 90 degrees.
  • Non-working dishwasher, microwave, ceiling fan, etc.